Most of our lives we have been convinced that the way to financial security is the common path of education and subsequent employment. Get a solid career, a steady job with a good company, and it will all pan out. You’ll get the money you need to stay out of debt, support a family, buy a house, and get that retirement you deserve. Right? Not anymore. That model of financial success no longer applies in the information age.
It may be time for you to rethink the way you are pursuing financial stability and freedom. In order to really change your mindset and visualize a new future path, a complete shift in perspective is in order. This shift is perspective is known as a “paradigm shift.”
A paradigm shift is defined as a point in time when a well-known structure and condition of knowledge is suddenly altered at the deepest level; so deep that our beliefs and actions are changed inalterably from that point forward. Once you consider the possibility of becoming a business owner, and what that could mean for your future, there is no avoiding a paradigm shift in your life.
As an employee, there is always a ceiling over your head and someone else standing there above you. It is the never-ending parable of the rat race, or even worse, the hamster in its wheel. Ever feel like you’re going nowhere fast? You can run all day and night for the prize, but the carrot will still be dangling there when you run out of steam.
Nearly half of all employees in this country report feelings of stress and burnout at their jobs. Every day they question the value of what they do. Worse still, they begin to feel hollow and tired, and really loathe the idea of walking in the door every morning. Many have developed stress-related illnesses or sustained work-related injuries. If you are feeling the burnout yourself, take some time to think about changing your mindset, and making a positive move for your personal health and financial well-being.
The first step to changing your mindset to become a business owner is to allow yourself to see this change as a real possibility, and dispel the notion that you are not capable. You don’t have to open a storefront on Main Street these days to have a business of your own. Opportunities to make money on the world wide web through an online business or internet marketing are boundless as we move towards a more internet-based economy.
Take some time to consider what you have been trained to believe by the systems set forth in society. See how firmly certain assumptions are lodged in your mind without a second thought? To really prepare yourself and visualize moving from the monotonous sphere of employment to the vibrant world of business owner, the false notions must be dislodged. Move your mind from “just the way it is” to “just imagine.” How can you do this? There are many outstanding leaders, entrepreneurs, and teachers out there who will give you the 411. Look around, do your due diligence, then begin to study and learn what they have to offer.
As long as we believe that slaving away in unrewarding jobs is the way to finally become financially stable and free, we prevent the liberation of this paradigm shift to take place. To start a business and become a successful entrepreneur, begin by moving your mindset away from the drone mentality of the rat-race world. Begin thinking like a successful business owner! It requires taking a risk, but the risks of a bleak future are more certain if you do nothing. You will be surprised at your personal growth and change as you step out into the unknown (to you) world of entrepreneurship.
copyight 2008 Suzanne Thomas

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