When you are thinking about doing business in America today places like Detroit and New York City are no longer in the running. These cities are now suffering from some major players losing in the financial world causing others to go some place else to start a business. Fertile ground for new business is in some of the most unexpected places. The metro areas and the coasts are now giving way to the popular Midwest and South where fast expansion is underway. The economies in these areas are growing rapidly as business expansion is booming. Atlanta, Georgia seems to be the Mecca for people all over the state to come and open up a business. The overseas auto makers are opening up new waves of prosperity for the residents who are taking advantage of the situation. The workers claim that they do not want a union and are willing to work for less and have employment. There is a large increase in the smaller business around the area which is adding to the economy in an enormous fashion. The cities of various sizes that are around Florida are showing a great increase in business.
The Midwest and South long overdue for business expansion is now coming it their own right with the failures of the “Big Three” automakers and other major companies from the east coast not being able to maintain them. The spoilage that these companies permitted amongst their executives has become the downfall that will only take a turn for the better if the company takes hold of the reigns and changes how business is done. Bailouts are not the solution many financial analysis claim because it is only a bandage. These companies are beginning to bleed heavily from over spending on employee perks and unnecessary equipment. The end result could prove to be a catastrophe for the companies, the economy, and the world if let go unattended. We have large, medium and small cities that still provide great places for business and right now the following rank in the top ten best cities.
1. Atlanta is the leading large city it epitomizes the characteristics of economic diversity and affordability.
2. Riverside-San Bernardino ranks number two with a population of over three million people east of Los Angeles and known as the Inland Empire.
3. Las Vegas is now creating jobs in manufacturing so that tourism is not their only source of income.
4. San Antonio benefits from a strong military presence and a steady population growth.
5. West Palm Beach known for the perceived high quality of life makes it an irresistible lure.
6. Green Bay one of the medium sized cities provides a diversified economy with a hard working, skilled labor force.
7. Madison known for its one-two punch in midsize cities is recognized for the service-driven economic expansion.
8. Sarasota is an affordable coastal region that attracts many skilled immigrants from the north making this one of the fastest growing information-based industrial part of the region.
9. Missoula, Montana provides solid gain in financial and professional business services making it a great place to settle for newcomers. Missoula ranking in as one of the smaller places to live boasts of its beautiful scenery which takes it a long way for anyone looking for a small town to live.
10. Anchorage, Alaska has more than tripled in newcomers and business growth since the oil industry has created employment and made a large boost to the economy for local residents.

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