One of the best things you can do to insure business success is to start a business with a partner. It provides many benefits.Starting a business by yourself is hard work. In the beginning when you don’t have any employees. It’s just you, by yourself, on your computer or on your kitchen table.If you have a partner on the other hand, you have someone to experience the success with. You won’t be so lonely and you can bounce ideas off each other.More benefits of having a partner includes.1) Your skills offset one another. No two people are created equal. Your partner will bring skills to the table that you do not have.2) You will keep each other motivated. Since there is two people in the company you will be able to withstand the tough times better. If you started the business by yourself, it would be more lonesome then with two people. When the going gets tough you are more likely to keep going when you are fighting along someone else.Just the fact that the other person is dependant on you will make you work harder and more equip to handle those tough times early in the business.3) More people the more brains. The more brains the more ideas. You will be able to brainstorm better with a partner.When a problem comes up, there is two people that could solve it. You have twice the experience.4) It’s not 1+1, it’s more like 1 X 1 or 1^2 (1 squared) … I know what you are thinking, 1+1 is bigger then 1X1 or 1 squared… but you get the idea.When you are working with other people, it’s not their work + your work…. it’s their work X your work. Because two people are getting things done, you will have success quicker.

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