When thinking of starting an effective online business a lot of feasible options through Free SEO websites can be checked out as there are many techniques that enhance the purpose of establishing an effective SEO business.For accomplishing an online business in a strategic manner SEO is a tool which is used extensively with the intention of promoting the ranking of your website. The question that arises is how this strategic formulation helps in initiating a proper online business. I think the answer owes a proper explanation based on evidences. Some of the important statistical evidences that provide a clearer picture are as follows: 1. The traffic which is generated to a website, about 90 per cent of it accounts on the basis of organic searches which are completed via keywords on search bars on popular search engines.2. Organic traffic is far ahead of the number of traffic generated through all other leads combined together, i.e. paid ads, banners, affiliation, etc.3. It is very important to also note that if your website does not figure on the first three result pages of a search, then the chances of your existence and visibility are extremely low, as it is known practice that after three web pages the surfer will key in some other keywords.4.Although there are many other online marketing practices but with the advent of so many fantastic and hi-fi methods, SEO remains the most efficient tool for promotion in a cost-effective manner. 5. Another important consideration is that your website ranking can easily jump from 300 to the first three with the proper and effective implementation of a SEO strategy and keywords. All these facts clearly indicate that SEO is highly effective and plays a phenomenal role in establishing a mark of difference at the online platform. Therefore while formulating this strategy following aspects need to be taken good care of: 1. Proper link of the title page to the website content: When you want to Start SEO business it is always good to know that starting a home based internet business you need a well worded title page with a suitable back up of accurately descriptive keywords. This approach helps to attract the attention of the top search engines and identify your website quite efficiently during organic searches.2. Search engines use “spiders” to match keywords to the websites:Spiders pick up your website based on the coding and markers that the web page has along with the keywords. Spiders slow down when they come across tables and incorrect codings. Hence, another thing that needs to be taken care of is that the usage of tables should be avoided unless strictly required and ensure correct coding of the web pages of your site.3. Manual Registration with search engines:Your presence is directly proportional to the capacity of the search engine to recognize your website.  Hence one should ensure to register manually as today most search engines reject automated entries.

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