The key question how to start home business is, why to start a home business, i.e. what is the business idea and the business plan. In the net, like in all business, the planning is an absolute king.
1.The Consumer Promise Should Be Seen Immediately From Your Website.
The consumer promise expresses the most important benefit, that you have to offer to your site visitor in a personal way. This promise draw those visitors, and only those, to your website, who are interested about your offer on that very moment, when they are surfing.
Now you understand that the clear promise will increase the effectiveness dramatically. When you have defined the business idea, strategy and your target audience well, you can quite easily define or write the consumer promise in a sexy way.
2.Think, Who Are Your Prospects.
When you are in the early stages in your thinking process about how to start home business, think one thing very, very carefully, who are your target people. That niche must be very specified, because the narrower it is, the better results you will get.
After this definition you understand that the home page set up is actually like your personal letter to your target audience. It must respond to the needs of that specified target group in a way that it also creates an emotional tie between you and your audience.
If you would be a singer, would you sign tango, rock, classic and metal to your audience? Certainly not, at least not for a long time.
3.What Is The Purpose Of Your Website?
Is the idea to grab optin addresses, to give more information, to sell immediately, to help in some problems or what? The purpose must be drawn directly from the business idea and it will guide the whole process of how to start home business.
4.Have You Selected SEO As Your Strategy?
SEO, search engine optimization, is a great techniques to market your internet home business. Another part of that, the onpage SEO, requires that your website source code includes your major keyphrases.
5.Update Your Website Often Enough.
Updating is a great strategy. It means that you serve your target audience, that small niche, by offering them new things regularly. This requires that you really follow, what the most successful marketers are doing.
People everywhere love new things, if they are useful. This strategy is quite sensitive also, because you have to maintain your original business plan and target group despite of all new things.

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