New business startup loans and small business funding can be very difficult to acquire unless you find a funding source that will be creative. There are many different ways a home based business can get various types of funding as well.. What most self employed individuals forget is that they may be sitting on untapped credit lines and assets that can help them get the financing necessary for their small business.

Many commercial banks will not even look at the new business startup or small businesses unless they have plenty of money sitting in a bank account, a long business tract record and a fat balance sheet. Unfortunately, most of us may not have much cash laying around. That is why most small businesses are looking for additional capital and need funding sources that will think outside the box and look at many different types of financing to fit their business needs.

Here are just a sampling of the types of small businesses that can get financing:

Retail Apparel
Service Contracts
Sub Contractors

Even if your business does not fit into the above categories there may be funding for you. In my article; Small Business Funding and Business Startup Loans I explain the many different types of small business financing programs available. There is even a contact form to get additional information for your small business funding needs.

I was amazed at how difficult it was for new business startups to get financing. You either have to give half the business away to private investors or you would have to use your own money and risk everything that you worked so hard to get. However there are sources that will not suck the blood out of your great small business idea.

Some types of financing which are most overlooked or difficult to get:

New Business or Startup Loans
Equipment Leasing
Working Capital
Purchase Order Funding
Contract Funding
Accounts Receivable Factoring
Medical and Health Industry Loans
Debt Settlement and Restructuring
Commercial Mortgages

Bottom Line:

There are many ways for the small business owner to get more working capital, new equipment and extra lines of business credit without tapping into personal lines of credit. You do not always have to have stellar credit either. Do not over look the seen and unseen assets your business already has and the potential for future growth. When you know and understand the types of financing available to you then better business decisions can be made regarding your specific funding needs.

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