Whoever Said Self-Employment Is a Piece Of Cake Has Never Tried It.

Why would a person leave the job market and strike out on his/her own? Being on one’s own is like taking the supports out from under a bridge. You’re pretty sure the bridge will hold up but there is always a chance it won’t. Starting a business is a form of self discovery as well as a test of self sustainability. People who feel a need to prove themselves tend to be the ones who break away from a job and start their own business.



Everyone Has A Different Approach To Self-Employment

The fact is each business start-up is unique to its benefactor. While there are many different approaches to starting a business the basics remain the same. The internal things that make a business work are the same for a small business person as a giant corporation. Every business must have three stages of operation.


1, the product or service. It must be in demand or have an outlet for its service. It must be marketable as well as have good staying power.

2, must have a good bookkeeping system. Without a good bookkeeping system, the owners don’t know if they are making profits or not. This is very important and an area that small business owners tend to over look.

3, must have good logistics. The business must be able to deliver its goods or service on time and in acceptable condition.


What is the attraction?

For many people the attraction of being in business for themselves is an alluring offer. Their idea of being independent by being their own boss affords them to have a more lay back lifestyle. They don’t have a well enough understanding on what self sustainability entails. Going into business is a challenge even for the most hardy of people. Statistics indicate for every one hundred people who go into business only twenty nine will still be in business in ten years. In two years sixty six were still going and after four years only forty four were still in business.


Much of the dropout rate is because of:

1: lack of preparation.

2. lack of funding

3. lack of information

4. lack of training

5. lack of fortitude


Are you ever ready?

What if you had all your ducks in a row what would be the advantages of starting a business? How about independence and flexibility? Indeed, people who are in business for themselves tend to work more hours and are even more tied to their endeavor. Why? Perhaps it’s because they have something to prove to not only themselves but everyone around them. They look at failure as admitting they don’t have the ability to succeed.


Be prepared for the long haul

If your business does succeed it could mean financial security for you and your family plus you would have something of worth to hand down to your children

Ok let’s say you have made the decision to go into business, what disadvantages are there in the move.




It’s better said than done.

There is no easy answers. Most people who go into business for themselves find it to be difficult and tiring. Let’s face facts. You may find yourself in a position where you have to do something. If your job goes overseas then what? You may find yourself cleaning carpets, doing lawn care or setting up a security force. There are many things you can do with very little training and low overhead, if you are willing to work hard. Don’t sell yourself short, find your niche and go after it.


Happy Trails










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