Have you ever been dreaming about early retirement? Wondering how to do it? I m pretty sure you might have been thinking of how to start small business more than once! And I guess you probably worry about the capital needed to put upfront. You might even consider a big risk when you venture into a business with your life’s savings!

I have been there before, so I know you are not to be blamed! You may now ask how I overcame the obstacles of starting my own small business. Of course, I can tell you I did not win a lottery or hit a jackpot either. All I did was to look for a business that needs little money to start so that I can minimize the risk involved.

When I told people my story about how to start small business with little money, most people would thought of me probably invested small amounts like $30,000 or $50,000! In reality, I only invested less than $100 to make a living online! Of course, I don’t deny I wasted quite a substantial amount of money in junk as a newbie in business at the beginning.

If I was lucky enough to get someone to guide me over the shoulder or if I had the opportunity to access good business education and resources, I would certainly have saved a lot of time and money to get my small business started and get it on track.

You can tell that the secret on how to start small business is not all about money, being bright or having past experience, it is about getting the opportunity to educate yourself and take some effort and time working towards your business to the profitable level.

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