So you’ve decided to take the plunge into the exciting world of business. Starting a business is one of the most fulfilling ventures to carry out as you’ll be working for yourself and watching your labors bear fruit. You have to set up your firm in the most suitable fashion to make certain your company runs efficiently without any difficulties.

The very first thing that you ought to do is choose what kind of small business formation you’re going to require for your exact service. Perchance you’re a electrician and intend to set up a business as a sole proprietor. This means that you are starting your business as an individual that’s trading on their own. Now you have got to select a name for your small business.

Once you’ve determined the name for your business, the next step is to put in for and enlist your venture name with the appropriate authorities. In Australia, you ought to register your company name in the Australian state in which you mean to operate. Before you can register your chosen business name, you have got to firstly check to see if the name is already registered as a firm.

Next, you have to submit an application for an Australian Business Number. This is a unique eleven digit number which is exclusive to your firm. You’ll use this no. when transacting with other organizations or clients. It is of the essence to include your ABN on your sales demand if not your debtors have the right to withhold 46.5% of any payments due to you. It’s necessary to have an ABN to help dealings with the Australian Tax Office.

You now have to register for Goods and Services Tax to ensure that you can both charge and request GST credits on your sales and purchase invoices.  You as well require your ABN to do this.

Setting up your bookkeeping procedure is critical if you are to get a good control on the financial aspects of your business. You need to have a chart of accounts to classify the different accounts in your enterprise in order to charge expenses and allocate payments. You have to have monthly bank reconciliations performed to ascertain your accurate cash balances and what cheques have not cleared in the bank statement.  You need to have accurate debtor management systems in place so that you understand the extent of your Accounts Receivable.  At the finish of each month, you ought to be able to evaluate how well your venture is doing from the monthly management accounts.  Each and every one of these processes are crucial for the easy operation of your business.

You ought to employ the services of an excellent accountant to make sure that your book keeping figures are maintained thoroughly, correctly and completely. The most widespread business accounting soft ware in use in Australia is MYOB or Mind Your Own Business. You should team up with an MYOB Accepted Associate to make sure your company book keeping needs are efficiently handled.

As a new business owner, you are most concerned about searching for new customers and developing your company. You are focused on offering superb services to your customers and retaining their custom. You are driven and primed for quality output. You’re what’s more regularly pressed for time with many projects wanting your attention at once.

Also you need to have an on line presence to add credibility to your organization. Several potential customers look for services on the internet and are often impressed if you have a site they can refer to for extra information. You have got to have a registered domain name and have your web site built smartly to gain more visitors and optimised for better sales conversion. Your site must be hosted on a good server to ensure you’re accessible, with no down time or broken links. You have to be able to converse with your suppliers and customers by email, a rapid and helpful mode of interaction.

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