I am planning to start my own small business. Massage Therapist – starting out as mobile therapist and moving on to setting up my own salon at a later stage.

I want some advice on what kind of computer I need. I want to buy a laptop – to take with me on my mobile appointments but i would also like to do all my accounting, scheduling, appointments, finances and other business documents on the pc. I would also like to load VB6 on the computer – i want to write all the programs for my new business myself (try to actually). And I would also like to have internet access and webcam on it…..

1. Can i use a laptop for all of the above – if yes, what kind of memory, speed and how big hard drive do i need, etc?
2. If a laptop is not possible – how big should my computer be wrt having all the above on it and still have good speed, memory etc.

ok, that’s my questions – i know i’m planning a lot but it’s a big adventure for me and i plan to make a big success out of it.


  1. Tanya M
    Preferably one that works...
  2. gojumpidareu
    talk to dell they'll tell you what type of computer you need and even customise to meet your needs
  3. Daniel
    Your requirements actually only require a minimal computer. An inexpensive laptop would be fine. Maybe get something with a good warranty, though.
  4. Jemima
    I think most laptops fit that spec quite nicely. Especially nowadays, you can get laptops with about 120Gb average of memory, which is massive. Also there are quite a lot that have webcams in them, like the new Hp's I think the dv2000, although its a bit pricey. But then Hp is reliable... I think all you really need is a good Microsoft Office package and a fair amount of hard drive space for what you need.
  5. phate
    It doesnt matter which you use when it comes to speed as it will come down to how much you can afford. Desktops are always cheaper than laptops and keep in mind that a laptop traveling around is NOT a good idea if you are going to have sensitive information it. Laptops can fall from the table, get stolen etc far easier than desktops. Desktop wise; Core2Duo CPU 2GB Ram 120GB Hard disk is more than enough unless you decide to store movies etc. VB6 as programming language used to be heavy on system resources but with current technology in the Core2Duo you wont need to worry too much about compiling the code. And don't get Windows Vista but rather get XP as it is far more stable
  6. Angelus A
    i suggest a desktop computer as more can be stored on there, a laptop is ok for your mobile appointments but laptops are very delicate and can be seen as a target to theft to some people, if you can afford it i say get both, keep on your desktop your internet and your accounting details but i suggest not doing any accounting or transferable credit over your wireless internet if your thinking of doing that, i mean you can get it secured but there are some nasty people out there who can hack through that, internet through cabling on your desktop is much safer and it can get you visual basic 6 up and running good
  7. Master Chu
    Any entry level laptop will do what you need. Just make sure it has AT LEAST 1GB of RAM. If you're using it for business applications [and not gaming], you don't need to spend a fortune. Toshiba is selling a very, very good entry level laptop for only $499... it's one of their A100 models. It's a single core processor, running at 1.73GHz, 1GB RAM and 120GB HDD.... and it's a 15.4" widescreen --- it also has a built-in webcam too! You can't go wrong at that price.
  8. prsctboy
    For on the go reliability and good pricing ( Sony VAIO VGN-NR160E ) Good laptop good price. It boasts a 1.5 ghz dual core intel, 1 gig ram, and a 160 gig drive. all for under 1000 dollars. and its a Sony Vaio. The laptop mentioned above would suit your needs very well The ram can be brought up to 4 gig (2 gigs should work just fine) you probably wont be useing any heavy graphics for what you are doing. As far as a home based System. You would probably want just a moderate size system to do book keeping and hold client records and such. A small office server can be purchased for under 2000 and should probably have a raid setup (mirroring) which is 2 hard drives, one is only used to back up all info from the other in case of failure. So on that note. 2.4 ghz or better CPU ( i like amd) 2ghz ram Dual SATA drives in a mirror Array, DVD burner for backing up files Always good to just keep a Bi weekly or monthly Disk backup of all files. Take all of that and network your Laptop and desktop with a wireless router.What you end up with is the ability to seamlessly transfer information between systems and an effective small office server. I had a custom system built from a gentleman in Prescott Az , He has a knack for building small office servers with only name brand parts. and does it at a really nice price. drop him a note and tell him what you are looking for. http://www.pvazpc.com
  9. Greg at MCAL
    Your requirements except for the VB6 are minimal, the VB6 will force you to a Pentium/Athlon rether than being able to use a Celeron/Sempron CPU. Speed is relatively a mote point as all current computers are overkill for your needs but if you deal with a mailorder such as Dell have them replace the Windows Vista with Wondows XP it is much faster and more reliable, and many custom ordered PCs and laptops can have Windowss XP installed (at a price of course). Also your RAM requirements will be Windows XP 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 RAM Windows Vista 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 RAM And expect the Windows Vista to be slower even with the extra RAM
  10. David Computer Guy
    For what you want a minor laptop is a good move however the cheap ones are usually only just about capable of running Vista basic so it is worth looking into an XP disk. Look up on www.ebuyer.com in their laptop section As these cheaper ones don't have large hard drives it is worth investing in an external hard drive a) for that extra storage room and b) so all you important information is safely backed up if either the machine or Windows goes bang. As for software, if you use Open Office which is free after all and then Sunbird (also free) as you day planner that should start you off nicely. If you have no experience at spreadsheets then you may want to get a small business package which does the hard work for you. If you get BT business broadbandyou can get this free (or you pay for it as BT business is more expensive than domestic) http://www.businessitonline.com/small-business-software.aspx Just remember that with a laptop take out the extra warranty as long as it's not too pricey and regularly backup your information and insure it.
  11. slowsmile
    Yes you can do this. I was a software contractor in London and did this myself. You will need: Hardware: 1. Laptop or computer of your choice. 2. External storage device for backing-up and storing all your important data. Try a Firelight - has 80 Gb of storage. You must have this in case your laptop is stolen or blows up and is useless. You will have important accountancy and scheduling data on your laptop. 3. Printer. You will have to submit your accounts to a bookeeper(or do them yourself - but you still need paper records). Software: 1. A Windows Op system like XP or Vista. 2. Buy and install Microsoft Office - Home( should include Word, Excel and Access). You can write all your programmes in VB6 or VB Script with both I think. I wrote all my own Accountancy calculation and presentation spreadsheets in Access - but you can do it with Excel as well. 3. A good Anti-Virus like 'Zone Alarm' - if you use your computer on the internet. Good Luck : ) --

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