A start-up business plan is developed because the process of writing one gives you a lot of advantages. Most people keep away from writing a start up business plan as they are under the false impression that it is just an academic exercise that is asked of people going to business school or college. Yet another widespread mistaken belief is that a start-up business plan is required only if you intend to raise capital by offering public shares, looking for angel investors or accepting private investors. But the truth is there are a great many benefits to be enjoyed if you put together a plain start-up business plan no matter what kind of business you are going to launch. Even if your start-up business plan will be read by just you and your partner, you just cannot deny the benefits you will avail from it. By going through the procedure of writing a start-up business plan you will learn so many things about your business that it will definitely overshadow the little time you spent writing it in the first place. Investor performance is not talked of as much as investment performance. If you observe a fund that has brought an average of 10 percent over ten years gone by you will definitely find people who have lost money therein by selling and buying at the most inappropriate time.A start-up business plan can motivate you to get back on the right track with your initial business model or concept providing you guidance and wisdom. It is like a map showing where you stand today and where you want to go. Following it provides you with confidence as you know where you are headed. Your start-up business plan assists you in thinking of things that you might normally not have even considered. It compels you to study the associations between the different aspects of your business; like how sales joins together with lead generation which ties with delivery, services, cash flow forecasting, profit margins and so on. Your start-up business plan highlights the relation between the local competitive market and your business. By writing it you will be able to tap into basic sources of knowledge about the competitors; sources that will prove to be extremely precious in the future.On the whole, writing out a start-up business plan lets you put your concepts and ideas on to paper. Once you have put down everything in black and white it becomes a lot easier to see the irregularities and flaws. Then you can spend time to tackle these problems before you enter the market.Investor performance is nothing but people investing their money through the rear view mirror. The start-up business plan can provide you a lot of value. By researching and putting together the information regarding your business gives organizational, motivational, diagnostic as well as planned benefits. These benefits will go on accumulating even long after your start-up business plan is written.

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