My husband is a plumber. We wish to open a business account and take out a small loan to buy a van and have it sign written. I bank with Barclays and he banks with Natwest (never got round to a joint account!) though he also has a Barclaycard. We now wish to get our finances in order and want:

1. Business Account
2. Housekeeping Account
3. £2000 loan.

Does anyone have any pertinent advice please?

  1. Melanie
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  2. MD. William Nellord
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  3. Sulochana R
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  4. Rosemary P
    Provided you've kept your personal accounts in good order, you're probably better applying to either of your current banks for your new accounts. They know you and will also be best placed for considering a loan. A completely new bank will want to see your track record before lending to you. We've not used either bank although I know Nat West used to have very good start up information, including your business plan layout, which is something you'll need to submit as part of a loan application. When we first started, we banked with Royal Bank of Scotland. We then moved to Lloyds. It was easy to open an account for our second business with them because they knew us. Think about asking for an overdraft to cover your van purchase. You can pay it off quicker than a loan. A plumbing business should be able to pull in that money quite quickly. Contact your local Business Link for free help and advice on starting your business. They're good on funding sources and will help with your business plan content. Good luck with your new venture!

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