Are you thinking of launching your own business? You’re probably wondering whether or not your dream is one that should stay a dream or one that could actually become a reality. First of all, you should be thrilled with the fact that you are one of the few that are brave enough to even consider such a thing.

Okay! to get a clearer picture as to whether or not you should start a small business, you may want to analyze a few things. These pros and cons may help make it a little bit easier for you to decide whether or not to launch your own business.

The first pro to launching your own business is the fact that you would be living out your dream. There are many people who have dreams to launch a business, but many rarely end up doing so. That’s because they are so afraid of failure that they convince themselves that they are better off working for someone else. Of course your business could fail, but many people say it’s worth the risk, no matter the outcome. Even if you had a secure job working for someone else, there’s a chance that you may loose it. This would leave you right where you feared you would be if your business failed.

Another pro or plus side to starting your own small business is type of businesses that you could start. For instance, you could start a fashion accessories line, an interior design firm, write children’s book and much more. The point is, when it comes to launching your own business, you will find that the possibilities are endless.

The greatest pro to launching your business is one that drives most people to go after their dreams. Financial stability! being able to do and buy things you could not afford in the past. Not having to worry about money is definitely a motivating factor for many.

Although there a number of pros to launching a business, there a few negatives as well. One of those negatives is the fact that there are no guarantees. Sometimes even the best business plans are unsuccessful. There a quite a few elements that go into determining whether or not a business can be a profitable one, like the ability to reach the targeted market, startup costs, monthly expenses, and location. While there are things that you can do to ensure a better chance of success, there are still no guarantees.

Another negative to starting a business is the startup money that you may need. Although there are some businesses that have significantly lower startup costs than others, almost all businesses do have startup costs. The good news though is that if you don’t have the required funds, you may be able to obtain some type financing for your business. If you wish to obtain financing for your business, you will need to have good credit. So, if your credit currently isn’t in good standing, you may want to get that cleared up.

These are just a few pros and cons to consider, you may want to sit down and write down some more that are personal to you. You need to think about your situation and try to assess whether or not it would be feasible to start your own business. You may discover that perhaps you’re not ready to launch a business today, but maybe sometime in the near future you would be in a better position to do so.

Enitan Ladipo is a serial entrepreneur who provides consulting services to women who want to launch a business. Her company the City Girl Business Club provides women with information and resources on how to start a business on a budget.

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