1) “(We) will create an enterprise environment that gives active support to those who wish to start their own business… give final year university students and graduates the chance to meet successful young business owners. We will ensure that innovative businesses can access the finance they need to grow… so that everyone has the skills to prosper in the jobs which these new industries will create.”

2) “To create a new generation of small businesses, (we) will help move people into self-employment. We will build a network of business mentors and offer substantial loans to would-be entrepreneurs, supporting self-employment and franchising as a route back into work… We understand that enterprise will generate a sustainable recovery…”

Those two quotes are from (allegedly opposing) UK political party websites. I’m too lazy to do any more homework than that but I guarantee if I spent another half hour on it, I could post quotes from the US democratic and republican parties (also allegedly opposed) that express the very same attitudes as the two quotes above. Is this eight-thousand year old rubbish the only economic ‘theory’ we have left now? Have we successfully suppressed our intelligence to such an extent that we think “mentoring” and “loans” are innovative, original, fresh or even constructive ideas? What will it take to break us of these primitive superstitions?

  1. Jason
    Hehe "rubbish"
  2. teddy
    what do you want, honesty?
  3. Jack H
    Would you prefer one of them to suggest an option where they don't want to help the economy?
  4. New Labour Voter
    All a bit of the same I must agree. Would you suggest this comment from the Times is the way to go? "Then this Mr Ordinary Bloke, with no obvious tattoos or mental deficiencies, says without any prompting: “Or we could all vote BNP. I’d be happy to vote for them. Everyone’s so p***** off it makes the BNP worth voting for.” http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article7100863.ece I wouldn't think you do.
  5. ☆☆♥☆☆ ☆αℓℓ☆ ☆gσσ∂☆ ☆Thiηgs☆☆
    All that seems to matter is winning votes. Breaking pledges is a result of winning elections.
  6. in the vortex
    Many people are opposed to people who use their intelligence & intuition and all the things you may be thinking that are important for one to have a successful business. So education goes only so far & then the person is going to win or lose according to who they are & how they use it. What would suggest they do to change it. I think for many people a loan & a mentor can be valuable. I didn't start my own business til late in life & didn't take business loans but used personal money. I didn't have a clue as to run a business. I was only interseted in just making a living while I was doing some other things with my life & chose to go into my own business to have more free time. I always tell young people to get good mentors. I had to get mentors for other things I was experiencing in life & they are very valuable. If you can't open you mind up to learn from others, how intelligent (open to learn) are you?
  7. Razor's Edge
    Unfortunately, "they" (corporate america-government) still believe that the taxpaying public is incapable of any intellectual reasoning and discernment. Therefore it is incumbent upon "we the people" to formulate our own plans based upon what "we the people" need for economic growth and security from foreign imports. Greedy corporate america disdains the public outcry regarding inferior product imports, but continues to import despite 'the peoples" objection. The behind the scene machinations provide greater markets for the politicos that are never publicly stated until the politicos (corporate america) have had the opportunity to become primary investors in lucrative adventures that the public is unaware exists. This smoke and mirrors approach exists within all the know governments. All the governments are essentially in alignment with each other, while working in their best interest and ignoring the public interest.
  8. hoarseman
    I'm not sure whether you are decrying the sentiment ( expressed about a particular small policy area concerning the encouragement of new business developments ), or simply regretting the lack of any detail in it . We live in a mixed economy democracy ,so not surprisingly, the biggest parties tend to have similar philosophies --because most voters believe in the democratic system, and believe in a mixed economy. So I don't really know what to make of your "What will it take to break us of these primitive superstitions " comment ? What is the "big idea" that you want to enlighten us about?
  9. Flying Fid
    1 sounds just like David Cameron and the second is Gordon Brown, you can just hear the lies drip effortlessly from them, they make it sound so honeyed and inoffensive don't they? Of course, it is all complete bollocks and does not mean anything, it only to be expected in an election. You tackle them (and your) politicians stupidity with analytical anger and reasoned rage, I just grumble and get on with it. (I am a Brit after all) What about a Lib Dem government? They have started slinging mud at the Lib Dems now and all the usual suspects in the press have joined in to bait them with lies and innuendo, just because Nick Clegg did well in a TV debate against them, It is within grasp......
  10. Don M
    I'm sorry you consider economic wisdom and common sense "rubbish." And please acknowledge that your calling it "rubbish" does not make it so. These are economic principles that encourage free market capitalism, which allows people to live in freedom and has produced unprecedented prosperity for the most number people every time it has been tried. You seem to have a penchant for socialism, which needs government oppression to enforce, ensures scarcity for everyone except the leaders, and has proved to be, well...rubbish.
  11. Sowcratees
    A young lady here asked you what you want. I have a feeling that I agree with you about Adam Smith and the Free Market being the best judge of value. If that is true, why does porn get such a bad rap? It is a huge industry; in the billions of dollars, but no one wants to admit how much it is valued in this country. The same can be said of sports and entertainment in general. We can all see what America values. Some of these people actually believe that if you allow the market to determine the value of your child's education, it will solve all our education problems. The same can be said for Health Care, Fire Departments, and Meat inspectors. What are the alternatives and why do you call this approach a superstition?
  12. D S
    'primitive superstitions' now that's the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? You can't swallow religious teachings hook, line and sinker and then blame political or economical propaganda for the demise of humanity. Both is rubbish, as you well know.

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