One contact who always gets a smile from you with either their questions or their answers ..?

Yahoo wanted this in Business finance -small business…Why.

  1. Peyton Sawyer
  2. Jenny
    nope no contacts yet
  3. Prodigal Son
    I do yes, lovely person.
  4. buildypuss
    a few not many
  5. Jill1957
    Yes , one makes my day, great questions , and good answers
  6. Amanda B
    Yes there is a couple of my contacts who do that
  7. Jericho Bautista
  8. Lu
    yup :) that's why i added him
  9. Mad Manda
    Yes .. a lil bit of wee comes out most days ... ha ha
  10. FUNKY MUNKY 100%
    Yes I do.
  11. ssıʞ ♥ kiss
    Yes, a few actually! ssıʞ ♥ kiss
  12. HelenH
    I have several like that,all of you guys make me smile..*goes all mushy*....my other half especially,he's just off finishing something that will make glenys smile tomorrow..he's a good guy :-))
  13. Melia's Blushing in p&s
    Well today was 2 contacts who made me laugh with the bacon questions & last night.......actually had me laughing........was great.........Also have another one who gives cheeky answers bordering on rude & he makes me laugh........Last but not least is one who makes me smile also just by seeing his questions & answers.....he knows...... are loads of great contacts and others who make me crack up with the questions & answers.......nearly forgot have a few female contacts & they are just hilarious....mad answers always. are great all of them.......
  14. FoG isTryin to find his Sea legs
    lol Nearly all my contacts do that which is why they are such a great bunch you included obviously ... but you all know one in particular amkes me smile just by seeing her Av ..... and you know who she is too
  15. sanilav
    Yes-I only have to see his avatar & I know I'm going to like his answer. They probably thought you were asking about Business contacts.
  16. mcrfangurl♥
  17. sadtohappycat
    absolutely :)~
    yeah i do..and doesnt he just know it..lol..he's fab..ugly ..but fab
  19. blaster 2
    Most make me smile...it would be unfair to say only one does because that would be incorrect...
  20. sandtwixtoes
    several, but i don't think they know!!
  21. Andcatz
    oh yes..many read some of my public answers. I have many that ask and I also will answer theres. Too many few contacts to do so with. So many lmao answers.
  22. Breezey baked perfect cupcakes!
    I have a few like that and even some who aren't contacts. There is another one who did that, but doesn't come here anymore. I get my daily dose of smiles. : )
  23. Sawman
    To be honest more than one :)
  24. Savvy Wants Y!A fixed!
    Several, Yes!
  25. *~☺~*
    Yes, a few. And I miss Sandstorm 222 Q&As, he was hilarious!
  26. Martha B
    I sure do...and YOU know it!!! LOL♥
  27. Judas Rabbi
    Yes l do.
  28. kitty
    OH yes all the time.
  29. Husker41
    At least one! (Smiles)
  30. lea n jase
    quite a few of them and it's a birthday for one of them today
  31. PROUDLY; Grecia!!!
    Absolutely! Many more than just one. One of these is a sweet, and dear young girl. Disarming with her natural innocence and freshness of spirit. The other used to make me laugh uproariously...but he was Scorpio mean, so now he's blocked!

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