With the ability to sell on finance the forecast is to treble my current workload, which is 6 sales a week at present. I am a small business looking to exploit a niche in the market.

  1. Anglik
    Most finance companies will want to have your business. The most important thing for you is not how to get one , but how to deal with the representative on application. They will want you to be a member of a trade association. (quality assurance association is easy to join) They will want to know you have been trading successfully for a long period of time preferably over 5 years. They will want their legal people to look over your guarantees and sales contracts, and will have them altered to suit themselves. They will want the names and address of 5 or more of your recent customers(they will contact them) They will want to see your trading premises. They will want to know all about your product. They will want your bank details If you have all those things to hand its time to apply. You should ignore first national bank. you will never get a customer to sign in a week of Fridays. If you have the facility to let customers pay by credit card that will be an advantage. If you dont have it you should get it, i do more deals on credit card £2-£5 k than on finance. Good luck get rich soon

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