As you might or not know, doing business is no easy task. For example, if you want to start a Deli business, you will need a lot of planning, which includes market analysis for your area, a location, a number of employees and of course a great deal of equipment in order to operate.

All of these essentials will translate into a heavy investment and a great risk of things not going exactly as planned, and not because you did not do your homework, but because that is just the way businesses are.

Of course the more attention you pay to detail and the more thorough your planning, the more chances you will succeed. But in any case, a traditional business like that will burden you with lot of expenses that will prevent you from seeing a dime in profits for at least one year.

Therefore, as much as the entrepreneurial way is the way to go, the fact is that you can go all the way building and running a successful business, from which you can make a lot of money to live comfortably, without having to go through all the stress of having thousands of dollars at stake for months or even years.

So what is the answer to your entrepreneurial call if you do not have the money or you do not want to risk too much of it and still you want top make money fast?

Start doing business online, which is far more than simply selling at Ebay or at Amazon. Indeed, an etail business can be rewarding, I know this for a fact, but after several years making a living online I must say that my preference goes for more time and cost efficient options, wich offer greater potential for both short term and long term growth, starting with very small investments.

A clear example -not the only one- of this kind of option is internet marketing, where you can actually create a lasting business capable of generating thousands of dollars in revenue per month without risking thousands of dollars.

Certainly, internet marketing is more about knowing rather than investing, so whereas a traditional business is 60% capital investment and 40% know-how, an online business built around internet marketing will be 5% capital investment (mostly in educational resources) and 95% know-how.

This means that when you do business online through internet marketing or any other option that allows you to execute your whole business operation online, you will be risking time and effort rather than money.

This does not mean that you can afford to be wasteful because your time and effort is also valuable (remember, time is money). What it does mean is that even with little or no money you, right now, have what it takes to do business and be successful, with the peace of mind that you have nothing to lose other than some of your energy, which thankfully is a renewable resource.

Therefore, if you start any business online you will have room for some trial and error without the fear of losing a fortune, and the distinctive advantage that many online business options like internet marketing, forex trading or stock trading offer, which is the ability to deliver actual results within days of having started, provided or course that you have the right tools and resources by your side.

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