If you’re wondering, “can I start a business?” the answer is “yes, you can.” In this article, I will go through some frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs and answer them to show you that you can create a successful start-up!

Question” “Can I start a business with no money?” Answer: Yes, you can. Starting a business on a bootstrap budget is entirely possible and today’s internet applications (like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook) allow you to market broadly without spending a cent.

Question: “Can I start a business while I’m working?” Answer: Yes, you can. Some people quit their job to start a business and that might work for some but it doesn’t work for everyone. The web exposes you to a 24-hour global market that is still buying even when you want to work in the evenings. And having a job gives you a bit of a “cushion” while your new business slowly starts to become profitable.

Question: “Can I start a business that will actually make money?” Answer: Yes, you can. Although big businesses and multinational conglomerations make most of the headlines, a majority of businesses in the world are run by entrepreneurs and staff of 25 or less. In other words: small businesses and home-based businesses! You just need to find a need that you can solve and you need to sell aggressively into that market.

Question: “Can I start a business in this economy?” Answer: Yes, you can. I’d argue that this is the best time to start a business. Prices are low because vendors are hurting so you can start with lower costs. But, people are still buying and the market is on an upswing so you should see more and more people buying.

Question” “Can I start a business with kids at home?” Answer: Yes, you can. There are many ways to build businesses that don’t require a lot of attention but can still produce results as long as you are consistent. And, there are options that don’t require you to answer the phone while your kids are crying in the background. Home-based businesses are perfect for stay-at-home parents.

There are lots of questions and these are among the questions I hear most commonly. My answer is generally the same: You can start business if you’re willing to work hard, take risks, and embrace the unknown. Most importantly, act. No one starts a business simply because they THINK about starting a business. Try it out. If you start small, you won’t risk much and you can grow it to be profitable that much faster.

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