Well Ive had a brainstorm on different business ideas … and i came up with a small stall with buckets, spades, rubber rings (large + Small) Facepainting etc by the beach this summer because this beach is VERY popular and has no shops etc
Soo where would i need to start to starting this small business including finance etc

( Ive done business BTEC in college + my parents run their own business so i know the basics and won best customer service competition last xmas so im confident )

I Need this because i cant get a job this summer as im going on a holiday soon and id have to quite in September to start College business again so running my own Summer business is the best idea!

  1. sassy2
    First call the municipality where the beach is located and ask how much a permit is and are they issuing any. Setting up a stand without permission and the fine could be as high as 5k
  2. cassidy_chick101
    get together a bunch of your friends and have a fashion show and make money off that!
  3. Young@58
    You might start by visiting your town's Small Business Development dept. to inquire whether you need permission from the town to set-up on the beach, and what permits or licenses you need. (i.e. vendor's permit) You might also need to get a tax number for remitting sales tax. Make a business plan so that you're thinking is clear. You'll need some kind of collapsible shelter, stock from a supplier, and start-up funds to get you going. Good luck!
  4. ☆☆♥☆☆ ☆αℓℓ☆ ☆gσσ∂☆ ☆Thiηgs☆☆
    http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/home?domain=www.businesslink.gov.uk&target=http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/&tc=000KW021413519 Practicle advise for starting up Sounds very good! You will make money there!
  5. TwoCentsRob
    Hey Babes, First make sure that you are allowed to run a business at the beach, maybe there is a reason why there aren't any shops around. Next, keep in mind that you have only July, August, September to make this work for you, so you need to decide whether to render a service or sell a product ASAP before summer runs out. If you decide to sell tangible items, be mindful that you need to invest into inventory or items to sell at a profit. Or, if you don't have much money to invest you can always look around for other business owners to create a Joint Venture agreement in which you would sell or market their products and keep a set commission per item sold...this may be a good option as it does not require any investment of money on your part, just your time! What product or service would appeal most to beach-goers? Another idea, is to set up a Snack Stand. Beach-Goers can always use a nice bottle of water or fruit cup to cool off. Babes, the possibilities are endless... make sure though to decide on something quickly, you only have three months to rake in some dough...as well as make sure you operate under any local or state rules. Let us know what you decide! Good Luck.
  6. JOHN D
    Hi Babes Third Time keep it going even its only your stamina Good Swansea John

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