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No-nonsense guidelines for growing a business from scratch. . Entrepreneurship remains the wave of the future, but as with anything in business, long-term success requires mastery of basic fundamentals. The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finance And Business balances quantitative with qualitative issues and provides a straightforward, practical overview of the business and financial knowledge required to become a successful entrepreneur.. . Professor Steven Roge… More >>

The Entrepeneur’s Guide to Finance and Business: Wealth Creation Techniques for Growing a Business

  1. N. Tsafos
    Steven Rogers, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management, has put together a comprehensive handbook for aspiring entrepreneurs. Written in plain language that does not assume prior knowledge of business or economics, this guide covers all the major topics that entrepreneurs face in setting up and managing a business: writing up a business plan, compiling and understanding financial statements, making a company profitable, valuing a company, and raising money.

    On the one hand, Professor Rogers has written a reference book that assembles much of the information that people intuitively know. In that sense, the guide can be useful to people who want to make sure they are "not forgetting something." On the other hand, though, this guide tackles many issues that quite a few entrepreneurs look down upon: for example, accounting. Professor Rogers not only explains how entrepreneurs should handle the mundane aspects of business like accounting, but also elucidates why entrepreneurs should pay attention to those aspects at all. In doing so, he alerts entrepreneurs about the kind of problems they may face and recommends action to prevent them.

    Professor Rogers has compiled anecdotes, business quotations, industry data, and mathematical formulae (which he explains in detail), to write an accessible guide for aspiring business owners. This balance, between serious and humorous, and fact and theory makes the book both fun to read and very useful -- a definite read for those daunted by the prospect of starting their own business. Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Anonymous
    A must for every Entrepreneur or anyone who inspires to be one. Easy to read with examples from real life situations. The book walks through all necessary steps for either starting or acquiring a business with all the help to avoid any pitfalls.

    The book not only details on the financial side (wealth creation)of the entrepreneurship but also stresses on the social obligations of job creations.

    It scores 11 out of 10. Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Gopi N. Sethumadhavan
    My copy of the book is completely marked up with my notes of useful information. This is a simple entrepreneurship + finance book meant for anybody interested in buying, selling or running an entrepreneurial business. Rogers makes finance so simple that he presents only what is relevant and cuts of the rest. I have done a few graduate finance courses and do a lot of finance for work too, yet I found this book useful in bringing in practical issues that I have not seen in other finance books? I look it as a good entrepreneur's guide that tells you a lot of the little tricks of the trade.

    What sets this book apart is Rogers background in entrepreneurship. Having successfully owned 3 companies his views on what are important really hits the bull's eye.

    Awesome book, I recommend it to all aspiring entrepreneurs. Rating: 5 / 5
    The book is easy to read and understand. It is couched in a manner where the average individual can easily understand the various financial issues along with the 'why to use' the financial steps along with the pitfalls which will be avoided by using the recommended financial steps.

    A book to buy for or by anyone running their own small busines!

    The only thing better than reading this book, is to listen to him speak in class. Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Steve Turner
    I read this book while taking an entrepreneurial class in an MBA program and was very happy with it. The book covers every area an entrepreneur needs to understand like creating a business plan, raising capital, valuation and a lot more. The book is written in a clear, methodical way and is full of practical examples to reinforce the teachings. I highly recommend this book for both entrepreneurs and anyone involved in the running a business. Rating: 5 / 5

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