My name is Devon. I just started a small business a couple of months ago and I really need a grant or a loan to utilize its full potential. Where should I go and what should I do. My personal credit is not good, so the loan I’m not to sure about. My business is registered with my state and I and an EIN number. I’m all set just need the extra money. Take a look at my business proposal and give me constructive criticism please!!!

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Executive Summary
VIDEO MEMORY seeks $30,000 to fund its enterprise endeavors that will serve the families of every community. This company will serve many different families by transforming their filmed special events into memorable home movies. VIDEO MEMORY will also offer internships to college students concentrating in film and video studies. The skills college students will gain working with Video Memory will allow them to establish or significantly enhance their resume.
Contact: Devon Chambers · Video Memory · 562 candle lane #303· Newport News, VA 23608
Phone: (757) 438-5523
Email: devon@videomemori.com
Website: www.videomemori.com

A. Business Overview
VIDEO MEMORY’s mission is to bridge the past and the present with the technologies of film production and video editing. Our company has no limitations. We film any and every special event, big or small. VIDEO MEMORY is located in the heart on Newport News, Va. Video Memory was generated after a successful attempt to create a treasured digital video memory of the owner’s daughter. Our company offers a broad range of film recording related services. Video Memory is dedicated to allowing people in different communities to take advantage of the company’s talent in capturing and transforming their treasured memories. The company’s specific aim is to create digital keepsakes for people to love, cherish, and enjoy forever.

B. Description of Service
VIDEO MEMORY works to bring an emotionally compelling and modernized home movie viewing experience for the luxury of all families. Our services includes filming major events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, family reunions, and small events such as birthday parties, cookouts, picnics, etc.

While serving our customers, we also make a strong effort to provide educational resources and career opportunities to students. We highly encourage youths to apply to our internship program because we are certain the skills gained will be critical in both academic and professional arenas. Internship students will obtain film making, video editing, photography, web design, videography, customer service, marketing, and entrepreneurship training. Through our wide range of services offered, our student interns, will have a unique opportunity to experience meeting the real world demands of digital media customers.

Starting as a company that converts VHS tapes into DVDs, VIDEO MEMORY, has evolved to offer a series of filming services. The evolution of Video Memory will allowed us to employ local teens and young college students. VIDEO MEMORY is proud to create such a rich opportunity for the young people of Hampton Roads to become pioneers in the film making revolution. The market for high end video editing technological skills is increasing exponentially. This is why it is critical to educate the youth of Hampton Roads to hone in on their digital talents and skills to meet the demands of valued customers.

C. Population Groups Served
VIDEO MEMORY serves people of all ages and backgrounds in Newport News, Va. We plan to expand to many different areas with our products and services. However, we have already started to reach out to and capitalized on the population groups accessible via the internet.

D. Business Description
VIDEO MEMORY seeks $30,000 to fund the camera equipment needed to complete the tasks of capturing and filming events. We offer a series of different packages, two of which requires VIDEO MEMORY to travel offsite to film different occasions. We also offer a series of incentive packages such as free limousine and disc jockey services to customers scheduling their special events with us. To the customer’s satisfaction, we will then edit their event footage and create a digital keepsake they are guaranteed to love.

Here at VIDEO MEMORY, we strive to provide a very exciting and valuable experience for our interns and employees. We have developed an educational approach that incorporates the following elements:
*Internship: We offer internships to any student willing to learn about the business and or continue to improve on their abilities to be creative and dynamic.
*On the job approach: Each of our interns will be trained on video filming techniques. Ultimately, interns will be expected to capture and edit event footage under proper supervision to ensure the customer needs are met. We believe the on the job approach provides a meaning and co

  1. Cala B
    The business proposal is too long-winded and repeats itself regularly. The parts regarding filming events and capturing them onto dvd etc are mentioned several times, and yet this is not a unique service - it is readily available in the marketplace. It only needs to be mentioned once. Concentrate more on the unique elements of the business such as the internship and exactly how that will work. Write down each individual aspect of the business and then allocate each point to one of the Sub-headings, so that you are not repeating yourself. In section A (business overview) the line "Video Memory was generated after a successful attempt to create a treasured digital video memory of the owner’s daughter" implies that you are absolute beginners - I'd change that! Don't use the word attempt. You will need to have a good, clear financial layout for people to look at, as well as a financial business plan for the future. It would also be worthwhile asking someone to double check the grammar and punctuation before you submit the plan - it's ok but could be better. Good luck with the venture.

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