Looking to invest / finance small start ups or entrepreneurs with viable idea. UK only. Don’t e mail me with get rich quick schemes I am already rich. If you have a good idea drop me an e mail.

  1. Dav
    There are investor and entrepreneurial magazines.
  2. anguspirate
    There is a 'mrsgavanrossem' elswhere in this topic who is seeking funding for 'a viable product' but (she?) has no funding to take it to market and exploit it. I will mail you direct as I am ready to start running a business and have a strong desire to do so.
  3. Mike W
    The best program to make income fast is http://tinyurl.com/ylkczs if you don't have the money for that program yet then you should learn to invest. virtualstockexchange.com is a FREE site where you can practice real stocks with imaginary money. When you get the hang of it: Sharebuilder.com is the best place for you to start if you want to do stocks. Many mutual funds can accept monthly investment plans, and some will allow you to start with as little as $50. If you pick a basic mutual fund, you're probably as safe there as anywhere. It won't be a world-beater, but it will be a great place to start until you build up your dollars.

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