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A must-read guide for every budding entrepreneur, Release Your Inner Entrepreneur provides fascinating and practical insights, hands-on activities and the experience of proven entrepreneurs. With its questioning style, high-quality enrichment materials, and real-life experiences, this book will help readers learn through its use of exercises, case studies, checkpoints and coaching support. The book is supported by on-line resources and downloadable pod-casts…. More >>

Release Your Inner Entrepreneur – Fresh thinking for new business ventures.

  1. L. Nel
    This is the best Entrepreneurial guide I have ever read. It is filled with handy coaching tips and points to ponder. The book does not just focus on business development but it also deals with the self analysis of the individual. There is an interesting section on idea development with various practical and real life examples. The book highlights pitfalls on choices that will guide the entrepreneur through the daunting maze of business options. The book does not stop at the business plan development but also gives a unique insight to family businesses and succession planning, covering the whole life cycle of the business not just the start-up. A must read for everyoe thinking of developing a business idea. Rating: 5 / 5
  2. Alexandra C. Gibson
    This book highlights what you should do as a small business owner or what you should do if you would like to start a business. Just because you are a small business owner does not necessarily mean that you are an entrepreneur.

    The book was filled with typos and the graphics were severely pixilated.

    I read a lot of business books and a lot of books on entrepreneurship. This was one of the few books that I gave to Goodwill after reading the first few chapters and scanning the rest. Rating: 1 / 5

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