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Italy is the land of entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of its economy. And because of the unwritten employment laws that dominate the job scene in Italy, setting up your own business can be an excellent alternative to finding employed work. In this book, experts Emma Bird and Mario Berri tell you what it takes to launch a start-up in Italy. Whether its running opera tours, becoming a wedding planner or establishing your own language school, “Starti… More >>

Starting a Business in Italy: How to Set Up And Run a Successful Business in the Bel Paese

  1. Laura Josephine Buonanno
    I picked this up and found it hard to put down. Although I had never really thought of starting my own business before this book, it is impossible not to dream about it after reading this book. For anyone who loves Italy, who loves to travel or is just curious about the business world- Read this book! For those who are interested in living or working in Italy- and not only for starting a business- the info is invaluable. All the information Emma and Mario give on the economy, structure, and institutions are in and of themselves essential to any traveller or Italophile...this book will be big!! I strongly recommend it. Rating: 5 / 5

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