what could go into the operating costs of a business e.g wages, rent etc.
That and i want to know how did you get your start-up finance… loans etc
… and please if you know i’d like to have an aproximate overview of what the annual turn

  1. Cherrypicker
    Operating costs: Wages, lay out for materials and advertising, utility bills, hire purchase on a vehicle, mortgage repayments. Start up finance from the Royal bank of Scotland Annual turnover: £150,000 Business: Funeral Directors.
  2. Henry & Carryn A
    Business: Pub Turnover: c£350000 operating costs: Wages, rent, utilities, stock costs, insurances, licences, professional fees (lawyers, accountants, window-cleaners, etc), advertising and promotions, equipment hire, capital expenditure (buying equipment such as tills, etc). Start-up: Bank loan from LLoyds TSB & personal savings. Hope it helps
  3. Adam B
    Hi Sanjeev... An example of a small Window Blind business run from home. As it was a cash rich business, i.e. utilising 30 days of credit from suppliers and getting 20% deposits from customers, then turining round the orders within 2 weeks, getting and banking balance of monies before payment due to suppliers, the business did not need overdrauft or startup loans. My set up costs were approx £1000 for leaflets, samples, signwriting for car/van. There after general business running costs are... Vechicle: Tax, insurance, repairs, depreciation, fuel, loan(finance). Premises: Heat, light, Council rates, Phone, Insurance. Other outgoings: Mobile phone, Public liability insurance, Wages (Biggest expense!), Advertising (Phonebook, Yell, Newspaper) The one thing many people forget to include in business running costs, but which is probably one of the most important... You Wage!... As you can see, running a business costs a fortune, BEFORE you sell anything. Ave Annual Turnover £120K, Gross Profit (Before Tax) £55k Hope that helps?
  4. Barnee
    Ring up your local Bank (or call in) and ask them for some literature for a Business Start Up. They'll give you a guide along with other leaflets that will be of use. If you're really lucky they may have a Small Business Adviser on site who will spare you a few minutes to chat about the intricacies involved.

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