is there any finance help to get the business of the ground? thanks in advance.

  1. Vici
    you can do a business start up course run by the government and once you do that they give you a small grant to get started.
  2. librarian
    Business Link a government agency can offer you help on this. See their start-up advice at http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/layer?topicId=1073858805&r.s=tl
  3. emmasnw
    Use this basic checklist to make sure all the important steps are taken before you launch your new venture. This business checklist will make sure that you cross all your t's and dot all your i's before your business launch. Steps to Starting a Business - http://www.developer-resource.com/starting-a-business.htm Other sites you might find helpful are: SBA - http://www.sba.gov/ SCORE - http://www.score.org Small Business Resource - http://www.small-business-software.net Goodluck!
  4. roaming_tigerr_uk
    Starting a business is something you should consider carefully. Funding to start a business is something of a rarity and anyhow you shouldn't rely on free money to start or run your business as the amounts are likely to be small if available at all. Your local enterprise agency or Chamber of Commerce may well offer start-up seminars as do business link. These services, often free, will link into other aspects of business support.

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