I’ve heard to Micro$oft Dynamics, but I’ve heard it is pricey, and has quite a learning curve.

It needs to be able to manage 11 employees, their hours, expenses, and the usual stuff.

If you have any ideas, free, or otherwise, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  1. katt121
    Sage line 50 for the finances
  2. Ryans Nanna
    Sage payroll and Sage instant accounts
  3. William B
    Quickbook has some really good business software, I would look there first.
  4. mainecpa
    QuickBooks is the best option for small business accounting. It is the most widely used accounting software, so if necessary, you should be able to find someone who can take over on a temporary basis if necessary. It can be complicated, though, if you expect it to do everything. When you buy QB, it does not come with a CPA license. It does not instantly transform you into an accountant. What kind of business? QB does not do a great job handling inventory, but that is a whole other discussion. Hire an independent payroll processing company for payroll. Do not do payroll yourself. Ever. Not ever! This one bit of advice is the best advice anyone will ever give you about being in business.
  5. Electric Blue
    Quickbooks, of course. I've used it for 10 years to manage my business. Right now we use a payroll company, but I used to run payroll for over 40 employees off of it every week too. Don't know what type of business you have, but they do have different editions and they are reasonably priced for small business. *
  6. Tina B
    Check on a Quick Books pro or contractor edition. We do 1.5-2 million a year . We use it for estimates, payroll, job tracking, keeping employees time, subcontractors, quarterly and end of year taxes, expenses. Takes awhile to learn but doesn't most things. There is good help available onscreen. You should be able to download a demo version and see if it works for you. Another accounting program I've heard good things about is Peachtree Accounting, but I've never used it.

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