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Many small business owners don’t understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow. More than anything else, cash flow determines the success or failure of a small business. Small Business Cash Flow covers all the basics of cash flow, from selecting a great accountant, to keeping money flowing in and out of the business, to budgeting and record-keeping…. More >>

Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success

  1. Jeff Lippincott

    I really liked this book very much. It clearly provides strategies for making your business a financial success. Without cash flow you don't have a business. And the book does a good job of pointing out how a small business owner can stay on top of the cash flow issue in running her business.

    As a college-trained accountant, turned CPA, turned tax attorney, I learned about Statement of Cash Flows in school. I was a little surprised to hear the author differentiate between a Cash Flows Statement and a Cash Flows Budget. But that's OK, she did a good job emphasizing how important having postive cash flows is, and how to make sure they either get to be positive or stay positive.

    My favorite chapter was #6 about pricing. I thought the topic was covered very well. I think the book could be improved upon by adding a chapter about business plans and their components. And it would have been nice to see an explanation about the importance of studying the competition and how the competition markets its goods or services and how it reaches its customers. I felt this book forgot to tell its readers that entrepreneurs don't have to reinvent the wheel when starting or strategizing their businesses. Much can be copied.

    I would have liked the book better if less emphasis had been placed on finding and retaining an accountant. Today computers are so important to a small business owner, and most know how to use them. As a result, getting a copy of Quickbooks Pro and studying it will make the need for an accountant not so important. A consulting practice that specializes in using Quickbooks Pro for bookkeeping purposes should probably be consulted in order to set the software program up initially. But only after the entrepreneur has struggled with trying to set the program up herself first. Then bookkeeping and report reading is just a matter of using the program.

    If this book helps inspire you to start your own business, then definitely consider searching out one or two Toastmasters clubs to join. They are great and inexpensive and will help you learn about public speaking and leadership. And don't forget to consult SCORE for some help in putting together your business plan.

    I think the resource section of this book was missing a few books. I'd add the following:

    1. Structuring Your Business: From Corporations To Llc's --Everything You Need To Set Up Your Business Efficiently (Adams Streetwise Series)
    2. Alpha Dogs: How Your Small Business Can Become a Leader of the Pack
    3. Seven Step Business Plan
    4. The Entrepreneurial Itch: Don't Scratch Until You Read This Book
    5. Talk Up Your Business: How to Make the Most of Opportunities to Promote and Grow Your Small Business
    6. Promote Your Business: How to Write Effective Marketing Material for Your Small Business
    7. Instant Systems (Instant Success)
    8. The Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide: Seize Your Entrepreneurial Dreams! Rating: 5 / 5
  2. Pamela Dodd
    Denise O'Berry is right. In the US we tend to raise employees, not business owners. Most of us with the passion and commitment to be small business entrepreneurs woefully lack the important information we need to handle the money side of business well. O'Berry's book fills in this gap very nicely.

    The chapters are written tightly, with information on every aspect of cash flow from choosing and working with an accountant, your best business advocate, to finding and keeping cash, setting and managing a budget. and pricing. There are also practical tips on creating customer loyalty and lots of helpful information on marketing, the lifeblood of any small business. Especially useful at the end of the book are 25 pages of resources, including copies of documents and reports you can access at the Small Business Cash Flow web site.

    I've always been afraid of the money end of small business, thinking I needed to be a math or accounting whiz to learn it. But this book makes it almost fun! A focused, easy read, the book is a tool you'll want to keep nearby to refer to again and again. Rating: 5 / 5
  3. Cathy Stucker
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R37P2EOUCCSEHN This is not just a guide to managing your money. Denise O'Berry tells you what you need to know to make--and keep--more money from your small business.

    There is a lot of solid, practical, how-to advice, and the best information on pricing I have seen.

    If you have a small business or you are thinking about starting one, this book belongs on your shelf.

    Cathy Stucker, IdeaLady.com Rating: 5 / 5
  4. Baran Kaya
    This book is very useful for small companies. It gives knowledge about many subjects which can effect cash flow. I advise this book to all people doing small business. However if you want detailed knowledge only about cash flow this book is not for you Rating: 4 / 5
  5. Kevin Stirtz
    Denise O'Berry has scored! With Small Business Cash Flow she hits a home run. I say this because books about cash flow and accounting hold little interest for me, generally speaking. But I can't say that about this book. Denise has done a great job of making this important topic accessible and even fun. She covers it like it should be covered, from a holistic perspective. She even talks devotes a chapter to marketing!

    One of my favorite lines in this book: "It's all about Action".

    Denise reminds that all the planning in the world goes nowhere without action to follow it. She offers a variety of checklists, worksheets and other useful resources.

    She starts the book with a priceless chapter on how to pick your accountant. I love this because she goes into detail with specific suggestions on how to find, interview and evaluate an accountant to make sure they'll be a good fit for you and your business.

    Other good stuff from this book: "Document your processes".

    As a consultant who helps clients do this, I'm thrilled Denise includes this in her book. Too many small businesses never document how they do what they do. Without this it's hard to build the foundation you need to grow your business and make it sustainable.

    I am happy to recommend this book to my clients and friends. I think it would be a useful read for anyone who owns, manages or is thinking about starting a small business. Well done Denise! Rating: 5 / 5

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