OK , you decided to start a Start-Up Business. You have purchased your letterhead, and business cards and took the time to build a nice website that tells about your products and services. Now, all you have to do is sit and wait for the online payments to come in. Wait just a minute. If you have had your Start-Up Business for a while, you know that those steps are just the beginning.

The how to advertise hurdle is one that has tripped up many would-be CEOs. Your product wont sell if no one knows about it.

Every business, irrespective of size, needs to let consumers know their products exist. Unfortunately, that isnt as easy to do as some would believe . Advertising your Start-Up Business and its products is very difficult in the current advertising drenched culture. The problem is that consumers are bombarded by advertisements almost constantly during any given day. It seems that every spot that is seen more than once in a given day has an advertisement of some kind stuck to it. Think about it. Now, companies are placing ads in front of urinals in restrooms. Is there no place sacred?

I mentioned all of that to say this. With your desire to get your product or service in front of large numbers of potential customers, you must understand and face the fact that you are not the only one attempting to achieve this. News Flash! Every business is trying to do it, and embarking on the path to advertising success for your Start-Up Business is a trip that will require you to compete against others wanting the same attention.

Granted, some Start-Up Businesses are home based as a matter of convenience. Maybe, a mother wants to work from home to stay near the children. However, most Start-Up Businesses are home based because they cant afford to have a commercial office with the necessary supplies, staff and marketing budget, without seriously cutting into their monthly profits.

Here in lies the problem, mid size and large corporations have no such handicap. They can easily afford their commercial office spaces, staff and still have enough funds to bombard consumers with ads in thousands of places. When you add to this the shear number of mid to large size companies advertising, you see a high priced, overloaded advertising arena that is too costly for most Start-Up Businesses to compete in.

Since, Start-Up Businesses are rarely in a position to simply throw cash at the advertising problem, it is imperative that Start-Up Business owners stay away from the trend to follow the crowd and squash the notion that to be successful one must stick with the norm. You must think outside of the box.

Since popular keywords are usually locked away from Start-Up Businesses due to larger, more established corporation bids, advertising methods that incorporate techniques such as pay per impression and pay per click are often a very expensive and unfruitful advertising method for Start-Up Businesses to employ. Low cost ads tend to be located so deep in the search that few customers ever see them.

The goal of the home-based business owner should be to out maneuver the larger, slower corporations. As previously stated, one must get away from the norm in advertising and become innovative in the way one approaches getting heard.

While researching innovative ways to advertise a business online, I discovered that many techniques ran into the same problem of over saturation and poor results. However, one caught my attention and wouldnt let go. Its called Error Marketing. It is simply the offer to pay visitors a certain small fee if they can find an error on your website. This chance to earn money brings new visitors with bulging online money accounts to your website and causes them to read your material very carefully, attempting to find an error.

Well, in the mean time, they catch the full impact of your sells pitch. Your web property gets perfected and you get visitors with a true desire to read why your product is so great.

Remember, for a visitor to notice that a comma is missing in your online document, they must read and comprehend what you have written. Thus effectively becoming an attentive member of the audience that is exposed to your sells pitch. They are quite literally hanging on your every word you write. Pay per click doesnt do this.

If a small business owner cant sell his/her product/service in the environment created by error marketing, he/she should consider switching businesses.

ErrorMarketing dot com explains how error marketing is moving aside the advertising barrier for Start-Up Businesses. Through the this patents pending marketing strategy, small businesses gain the traffic and attention they need to grow. The hub for error marketing Start-Up Businesses is TypoBounty dot com.

TypoBounty dot com allows Start-Up Businesses to offer bounties or small cash rewards for any errors that can be found on their website. Searchers come to the website looking for errors, reading the entire website. This greatly increases the potential that they will purchase your product. I mean, Start-Up Businesses gain visitors that are very attentive to the offer, and will read more of your offer. After all of your websites errors are found and eliminated, the Start-Up Business still receives massive amounts of attentive traffic.

To gain exposure one usually has to jump in with both feet and spend a lot of money. Says James Anderson but this new approach provides a method for a scaleable approach to getting noticed.

Visitors to TypoBounty.com dig deep into the site for opportunities to earn money for finding errors. So irrespective of where an ad appears on TypoBounty.com, it is poised to receive large amounts of traffic. Visitors to the Start-Up Businesss websites bring those bulging online money accounts and a great attitude while they stay longer. With the easy come easy go attitude about the money they have earned, TypoBounty.com users spend money with relative ease.

In a Start-Up Business, every dollar matters. So, investing large amounts of money in advertising techniques that only result in 2 second visits to ones website is very frustrating. Error marketing model makes every visit count. Visitors actually learn about your businesss products and services, not just skim your pages. Your website increases in its stickiness. Visitors dont just click over and click back. They stay on the advertising websites longer and learn much more about the product, website or information being presented. With more people knowing substantially more about a product and its benefits comes the increased likelihood of referrals and residual word of mouth advertising. For instance, if a person is not in the market for a new fishing pole but he/she spends 5 10 minutes reading about what makes a particular fishing pole so great, that person is more likely to tell others about such a great fishing pole he/she has found or even replace his/her current fishing pole with this better one. Error marketing is effective advertising for a fraction of the usual cost.

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