Microsoft money and quick books have been recommended – any feedback greatly appreciated!

  1. phobzy85
    Sage is supposed to be top notch. Not really sure about any others. They use this at my works (which is also a small bus) Paul
  2. Jon M
    Quick books, TAS books or Sage. If you realisticaly anticipate growing your business then Sage has the easiest upgrade path. Sage is also probably easier to get staff if you need to or consulatants to help you set it up.
  3. claimbankchargesback
    Sage is really good, and is normally used by accountants so you can send over your data files to them which makes it easier for them to do your books. Its very powerfull and does everything a business needs, but its got quite a steep learning curve because it can do so much. You can get books on it though which show you how to use it, and a variety of places offer training courses

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