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The Open Your Own Salon… The Right Way! is the complete step by step guide to planning, launching and managing your own salon business. If you are dreaming of owning your own nail bar, beauty salon, hair salon or day spa, then the Open Your Own Salon handbook is like having an experienced business mentor at hand! Save yourself the expense of trial and error with this comprehensive guide! * Be successful at raising the finance you need to start. * Follow the step-b… More >>

Open Your Own Salon… The Right Way!: A step-by-step guide to planning, launching & managing your own salon or nail bar business

  1. Barclay Simmons
    On my first glance through the book I was impressed. The writer clearly has both experience in the salon business, and business in general. Her treatment of subjects as diverse as marketing from health & safety in a salon are indicative of her detailed knowledge in the area, and also the genuine needs of a small business.

    The best parts are the practical tools which can save the salon owner time and money in tedious research. Buy it here and save your money for a more important purpose: you. I'm rating this a five star!!! Rating: 5 / 5

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