i have seen many people with a good business plans but because they don’t have any supporter to help them finance the business, their dreams ends unfulfilled. therefore, what can the people like that do in order to accomplish their dreams?

  1. spirit79
    It is great to have a business plan and seek finance but many people should start where they are and use what they have. Even if it is one thing they do a day to build their business it will grow. Sometimes not having money at the beginning of your business growth will drive you to greater lengths of creativity you may not have explored before if you had the money from the onset. Also be prepared to take risks with the little you have see whether the business is worth your time and money. I have personal experience of this. Until you are prepared to lose your business you will not be prepared to gain your business. Be informed as well by gaining new knowledge of your business everyday or set a period of time regularly to dveloping your business mind; it will help eliminate as much error as possible.

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