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Jon Gillespie Brown brings his extensive mentoring experience to bear in this new handbook for would-be entrepreneurs. So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? contains a series of mentoring sessions, each carefully thought out to make you consider and plan your life based on your passions, ambitions and ultimate visions. By actively taking part in each of the exercises, you give yourself the best chance of succeeding as an entrepreneur, or the sufficient clarity to decid… More >>

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur: How to decide if starting a business is really for you

  1. M. Surricchio
    Entrepreneurship is a very risky business - literally - and this book pulls no punches in laying out the challenges of starting your own business. But it also gives every would-be entrepreneur what they really need to mitigate that risk (beyond a sound plan or adequate investment): real insight into their motivation, skills & talents and direction on how to fill the critical gaps,delivered clearly & concisely. I came out much wiser about about what it takes to succeed. I hope many more benefit from this book & by doing so generate more donations for the Grameen Foundation(supporting the world's poorest people via microfinance)which receives the profits from sales of this book. Rating: 5 / 5
  2. Jon Gillespie-Brown
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2BWKCG2A6XXMI Buy a copy here: So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur: How to decide if starting a business is really for you Rating: 5 / 5
  3. B. Cirlig
    If you have tried and failed (like me) so many times, if you cant find your place at your current job, if you want to do more than selling your time for a paycheck, if you wanted to ask somebody: what's wrong with me? then this book will provide you with invaluable hands on mentoring sessions.

    Whether you are just entering college or failing your 5th business or simply finding yourself jumping from one idea to another, pick up this book and pull out a pen and a sheet of paper. It is a hands on reading. It will guide you through discovering yourself, your passions your strengths, your weaknesses. It is a great eye opener, imagine you being X-Rayed to identify what you are meant to be.

    The book will go through what it takes to be an entrepreneur, it's not a "weekend reading", you will be hands on involved, so have your pen and paper ready. The book is about YOU. Don't just read through it, take the time to reflect on it and yourself.

    It will also provide a great moral support when you lose your hopes and keep asking yourself: Am I doing the wrong thing? Am I the wrong person? Do I have the wrong traits?

    Overall it is a must read for anybody looking at taking the plunge from the warm corp paycheck and creating simply a "lifestyle business" or the next Google. Rating: 5 / 5
  4. Lee R. Evans
    This is essential reading for budding entrepreneurs. This doesn't just tell you about being an entrepreneur, it encourages the reader to evaluate themselves and their personality in order that they can make more informed decisions when setting up businesses.

    The book also makes easy reading and with determination you could probably finish in a weekend. The real value however is that it opens your mind and encourages you to think outside the box.

    5 stars from me. Rating: 5 / 5
  5. Stuart G. Greenfield
    This is a concise easy to read book which gives you a good set of rules to help you understand what type of person you need to be to become an entrepreneur. I think it is a very valuable guide and worth reading Rating: 5 / 5

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