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If you-re a small business owner, managing the financial affairs of your business can seem like a daunting task-and it-s one that far too many people muddle through rather than seek help. Now, there-s a tool-packed guide designed to help you manage your finances and run your business successfully! Small Business Financial Management Kit For Dummies explains step by step how to handle all your financial affairs, from preparing financial statements and managing cash f… More >>

Small Business Financial Management Kit For Dummies

  1. Parka
    This is a great book for anyone who's thinking about starting their own business. It covers the financial management aspect of business.

    The lessons are all foundational. Every one needs to build their business on some core foundations and this book provides them.

    The financial tools like cashflow, income statements and balance sheets are all covered and explained in simple English. Examples are also provided to help follow along. The tables in the examples are also available on the disc provided, easily modifiable to suit your own business.

    Some readers might not like dummies book because they lack depth. This is not the case with this book. Also, if you want to learn more on certain aspect, e.g. accounting, you can always get more specialized book. The point of this book is to give readers the essentials they need to know.

    This is a valuable book at an affordable price.

    Here's the list of contents:
    -- Part I: Improving Your Profit, Cash Flow, and Solvency.
    Chapter 1: Managing Your Small Business Finances.
    Chapter 2: Understanding Your P&L and Profit Performance.
    Chapter 3: Getting Up to Speed on Cash Flow from Profit.
    Chapter 4: Keeping Your Business Solvent.
    -- Part II: Using Tools of the Trade.
    Chapter 5: Protecting the Family Jewels.
    Chapter 6: Scrutinizing Your Costs.
    Chapter 7: Practical Budgeting Techniques for Your Business.
    Chapter 8: Making Decisions with a Profit Model.
    -- Part III: Dealing with Small Business Financial Issues.
    Chapter 9: Jumping Through Tax Hoops.
    Chapter 10: Raising Capital for Your Business.
    Chapter 11: Diagnosing Your Financial Condition.
    -- Part IV: Looking at Service and Manufacturing Businesses.
    Chapter 12: When You Sell Services.
    Chapter 13: When You Make the Products You Sell.
    -- Part V: Reaching the End of the Line.
    Chapter 14: Putting a Market Value on Your Business and Selling.
    Chapter 15: Hanging Up the Spikes and Terminating Your Business.
    -- Part VI: The Part of Tens.
    Chapter 16: Ten Management Rules for Small Business Survival.
    Chapter 17: Ten Hard-Core Financial Tools and Tactics.

    (Check out my Amazon profile for other books I've reviewed.) Rating: 5 / 5
  2. welbian
    Very satisfied with this transaction. Quick shipping. Quality product . Would certainly consider buying from seller again. Rating: 5 / 5

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