In good economic times and in bad, if you have a passion to do it, then get in there and get into the game. There is not “right” time to start a business, because before you start a business, regardless of what the economy is up to, you need to get help and guidance to ease the pain of upstarts and reduce the chances of failure.

There are countless sources out there that can assist you when it comes to starting a business, running a business, getting financing and so forth. But I find that these sources that I have outlined are truly a great way to go.


With the Internet and loads of information at our fingertips, many people forget about their local libraries. Your library is filled with people there that know how to do research, especially when it comes to starting a business. For instance my local library has person dedicated to helping startups write their business plan. They help you with the research, they help fine tune it and so on. Along with that, the library has access to countless sources online that most people do not have. The have access to federal, state and local government information you just aren’t going to be able to Google. Also most libraries are given funds by the government to subscribe to various business tools that will help startups find the information they need a lot faster then searching the Internet. Get to know your local library and your local librarian.


The Small Business Administration is an outfit that is dedicated to serving and helping the business community. The SBA has a variety of services to help your business start and grow. They can help you with business planners, they offer a variety of programs, such as financial assistance, grants, online training and much much more. They have tools at their fingertips to assist your business such as audio and video, marketing and outreach programs and also monthly web chat meetings you can partake in. They have countless experts working for them that are there to help you start and grow your business.


Known as the Counselors to America’s Small Businesses, SCORE is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping small businesses start and grow. SCORE is made up of retired and working business people that volunteer their time to help you with your questions about starting and running a business. There are literally tens of thousands of these people around the country and chances are you a few in your area that is willing to take the time and sit down with you, review your business plan (or help you with one if you don’t have one yet). The bios of all volunteers can be read online so you can choose the right counselor for your needs.

Among the three options listed above there are various magazines, websites and books you can turn to for even more information. Just because the economy is down doesn’t mean you should be out. If you have a passion for something and want to turn it into a business, there is no better time to do it then right now.

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