So you want to start a business, but you don’t know exactly where to start?  Any business needs a little capital to drive its operations.  Of course, how to get free money to start is the real question.


Now, money can’t always be free, there is always a little work involved.  For those who know how to play a little poker or casino, they can make free casino money no purchase required and that can help to start up a small business.•    Peer to peer lending – Now, free ways to make money online is not a new concept.  In fact, if you have a good credit score with certain credit companies, then you can actually enjoy the free money that they offer in the form of cash bonuses.  One way is to create an account with a lending or financial institution and then invest a small amount to that company.  Then you can enjoy free money for bills in the form of cash backs.  You can get as much as 50 percent in cash back bonuses.  For example, if you deposit $100 to your online account then a company can instantly give you a $50 bonus.  Take advantage of this and in time make free money to start a business of your own.•    Coupons – Those free grocery coupons that you have lying around are actually little pieces of free money for bills just waiting to be cashed.  You can get hundreds of coupons from papers and magazines.  You can also print them from the Internet.  These coupons are basically an equivalent to hard-earned cash.  You just have to be wise enough when it comes to spending this free money from the government and other institutions.  You can buy things with these coupons and start your own business selling what you just bought.

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