There’s no secret that the economic climate of the last few years has been less than ideal. Small businesses have struggled to keep their doors open, using new and inventive means of marketing themselves like social media and email marketing to connect with potential customers. The US Government has taken a very proactive stance on self-employment, but how do you start a business in a slow climate?

Pick your Poison You’ve decided to open a business of your own, but what type of business do you plan to run? Will you have an office location or will you work from you home? Will you sell services or products? Do you plan on hiring employees? Do you need startup capital?

Call your Neighbors Not necessarily meaning doing a door to door sweep in your neighborhood for business when you decide what type of business you plan to run, connecting with local business organization can be a very helpful first step for any business. Your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business organization can put you in touch with other small business owners like yourself who can help you build your business. Bartering services from one another is an inexpensive and effective way to get new businesses off the ground.

Get the Word Out Known as marketing, this aspect of starting a business is often pushed aside for “more important” topics like the actual work you do and the conversations you have with existing clients. However, any successful small business owner will tell you that your ultimate success in the marketplace is based on two things: Your word of mouth reputation and your marketing plan. Web marketing is an inexpensive and highly-targeted method of letting the world know that you have started a business and that you are the answer to their needs. Take the time to get the word out and you’ll reap ongoing rewards, no matter what the economic climate might be.

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