Internet work is the wave of the future, so many people are interested in getting started in it.  The problem for them is that they don’t know how to start online business.  No doubt, it can be hard work in getting started, but a few pointers can make life a lot easier for the new entrepreneur.Be prepared to put time in your online business.The first, and most important rule in starting an online business is to not believe all this “for 30 minutes a day” hype.  Working 30 minutes a day at anything isn’t going to make you much money, much less make you successful.  30 minutes scarcely qualifies as a part time job in any avenue.  It for sure doesn’t add up to being a career.  Besides, in many online endeavors, the “30 minutes of work” is backed up by possibly hours of work that you’re not getting paid for.  If you can see past this illusion, you’re faced with another one.You will never make a six figure income working online for someone else.Have you ever heard of anyone actually making six figures working in Human Resources or Medical Records?  You have probably only seen this fantastic claim in your spam box.  There’s a good reason it landed in your bulk mail folder—it’s a junk offer.The only real way you can make six or seven figures in Internet work is if you strike out on your own.  You may get valuable experience working for someone else for a time and learn a lot of things.  Just keep in mind that you’re not going to get the brass ring of six figures as long as you’re there.Don’t pick just any Internet guru to learn how to start online.Many so-called Internet gurus are nothing more than snake oil salesmen.  Some have done nothing more than LEARN how to do Internet business, SEO and how it all works.  They took classes and began branding themselves as “masters.”  It’s easy enough to get a picture of yourself taken next to a Ferrari in a car lot.Other so-called teachers of Internet marketing may have accomplished ONE amazing feat in their career, and then spend the rest of their careers riding on the greatness of that one accomplishment.  It could be that they won a list-building contest, and now they want to tell you how to succeed in everything else.If you choose to learn Internet marketing from an expert, make sure you do exhaustive research.  Some of them know how to hide negative reviews.  Some of them have had false negative reviews written about them.  Think of it this way.  It’s a major investment in your business, and you don’t want to waste your money.  This little bit of advice can help you navigate through most of the traps in starting your Internet business.  While there are some further difficulties that you may encounter in the beginning, this advice will at least keep you from some of the most disastrous mistakes you can make.

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