So you want to know how to start a business. You’ve gotten sick of the long commute. You’re fed up with dumb bosses and you’re ready for a change.  Here are some tips on how to start a small business.

1.    Pick one project to work on at a time.

It can be tempting to implement all of your ideas at one time.  That’s a bad idea.  You can wind up with tons of unfinished projects and no money doing this.  Pick one thing that you want to be known for and then grow from there.  Don’t start other things until that one project you’ve decided to focus on is gaining ground and becoming profitable.

2.    Write down your business goals.

I know you’ve probably heard people say this over and over again, but write down your goals. People repeat this so many times because it’s powerful.  It’s very difficult to get off track when you have your goal staring you in the face.  When you write your goals down, it makes them real. Writing down your business goals helps you to focus on specific tasks that will help your business grow.

3.    Don’t try to please everybody.

When you start a business, it’s easy to fall into that trap of trying to please every single customer. Forget about it. Some people are just hard to please.

If you have a customer complaint, resolve it, even if it means giving that person a refund.  It’s better to lose a little money than to have a disgruntled customer ruin your whole business.  People very rarely rave about the good service they receive, but they will certainly complain to everyone they know about bad service.

News travels fast on the Internet.  Don’t beat yourself up if you have to give a refund. Just learn from the experience and focus on the clients that you can please.

A small business can be challenging at first.  Knowing how to start a business with these three basic tips should make the process go a lot smoother for you.

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