When I thought how to start my home business, I did not believe how those claims about the quickness can be true. I was lucky to understand the key point in the start. I said to myself: find out a 100 % sure and proven affiliate program, which gives me everything I need.
So I started to dig the information from a big amount of sources, which affiliate programs have been marketed for years with good results. I got a list of several programs. The next step was to visit their home pages and to compare each offer to my wish list and made a short list of 3.
The third step was to visit the pages of each 3 again to pick one of them. I went through a lot of material from banners to free ebooks to be able to make my decision. My decision was based very much on my feelings, because the wanted things in each were more or less the same.
Can you imagine, that I had no experience about internet marketing, how it works and what should I do? So I concentrated to pick the best available affiliate program for a starter. This choice was totally based on the information from all over the internet. Then I decided to follow the selected program guidance.
I collected information so long, that I was convinced that I can trust 100 % on that one program. What I also found out was, that how to start home business is 100 % a learning process, not an investment process. I had entered into the information highway.
It was amazing to recoqnize how to start home business can be free. However I bought a domain name and hosting services for my own website and joined two paid affiliate programs to be able to earn more right in the beginning.
There were two important things in this process. An encouraging training lesson and a special starters ebook. Just two things, but how important they were. I cannot describe it, they were like parents for a small child.
This was, what I got from my affiliate program: the starters internet marketing course by email, enthusiastic training pages, starters ebook, and the forum, where my fellows can solve all my problems almost in real time.
I liked especially about the training lesson, which was devided into the daily studying doses, first day topic, second day topic etc. And the language! I did not need a single internet marketing term, it was really easy to follow.
I got so excited, that I tried to run some promotions before I even knew how should I do that. Luckily I had the discipline to come back to the cickle of studying.
I was so curious how to start home business, that those 30 days went rapidly. I repeated every now and then the earlier daily lessons and ran the recommended promotions. That was earning while learning. Great!
I learnt the basic promotion ways, how to use them and how to use the training lesson as a manual or check list in the future.

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