Starting a business usually poses the challenge of putting together a significant amount of money, as often the idea of a new business involves a heavy investment.

This challenge can be greater if you are setting out to start a traditional business, due to the fact that within the traditional business model you will usually need not only money to start, but also a location, employees, equipment, know how, you name it.

What usually happens in the end is that people retreat to the “safety” of their job and hope for that lottery ticket to come up this time.

The way to overcome this challenge is not to have a lot of money to spare, because in fact, the way around this problem is not even about money, it is about being resourceful.

This means that you have to move away from the traditional business model and dedicate yourself to exploring decisively other business options which are smarter and often more profitable than those usually regarded as “the best business ideas”.

These business options will not empty your pockets with start-up expenses, and will not make you lose your hear nor will they break your neck before you see a decent $5,000 in monthly profits, because unlike a traditional business, these options will not have you working for your employees or for the IRS.

Therefore, the answer to the question: “how can I start a business with little or no money and actually make a living out of it”, is stepping away from the same old ideas of doing business and concentrate your efforts and resources in developing a new kind of venture that relies on your brain power and dedication rather than the ability to cope with heavy expenses.

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