Are you tired of working for other people? Do you really desire to own a business and become your own boss? Then, think of starting your own small business. Let me guide you on how to run a lucrative business.Make a decision on the type of enterprise you start. After you discovered the best business to run, the next is to identify those things that you enjoy doing most or what you can do best. Go into a business you can do better, industry of your choice will encourage preparing a very good business plan.Put into consideration the sources of your income whether there is need for a bank loan, use of credit cards or self financing. Apart from financial resources, you require good understanding on the business you want to venture into. Various industries need some equipments, tools and supplies. Ensure you have all the necessary resources before starting your business.Join some free association. Small Business Association, AMEX Small Business website associations, Chambers of Commerce provides financial aid, networking, materials, training, seminars and workshop. It is good you take advantage of relevant trainings and seminars to equip you with business ideas and plans. You can also join some seminars that are available on the internet.You can as well do your market survey to know what people need and competitors. Some businesses require very small start up capital.Keeping accurate books of account and customer records can help in tracking your business success. Many small businesses owners are facing the problems of bad record, they don’t know if they are making profit or not because they don’t keep correct records. Use some free resources to guide you on how to start a business. Some local library offers helpful information on steps to incorporate your business, marketing and how to prepare business plans.

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